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Build Muscle Fast – High Intensity Interval Training For Faster Muscle Growth

Many people will have heard the terms “cardio” and “cardio diet” during their time in the health and fitness industry. However, there are some important distinctions between the two which need to be made. Most people have heard that there are two types of cardio; aerobic and resistance cardio. In order to get the best results from either type of cardio, there are a few important rules which need to be followed. I will start with the first type, aerobic cardio. Aerobic cardio is designed to raise […]

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Strength Training For Kids – A Quick Fitness Checkup

There are some muscle building programs that are designed specifically for children and youngsters. There are also some that are better for adults but they are still designed to help children to develop their muscles. The first type of children’s muscle building program is the one that includes weight training. These training programs normally include exercises that help to build muscle tissues, especially around the legs, the tummy and the lower back. They help children develop that muscle mass that is essential for staying fit and healthy […]

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