Proving Something To Yourself

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The major benefits of body building should be obvious to just about anyone, with the fact that physical power is always highly coveted. Strong men have always been respected and held in awe, as far back at least as Samson in Biblical times. But often someone who takes up body building is not thinking about being held in awe. In fact many are thinking just the opposite, wanting people simply to stop thinking of them as a twelve-stone weakling. Showing that you can do what it takes to become physically strong and powerful takes work – but it is work that carries its own reward.

There are many practical situations in which the ability to lift something heavy, or simply to move something large, is of major importance. But shifting a mental block is at least as valuable. Many of us underestimate just how physically strong we are, and how much potential we have, and as far as proving it goes there is no better way than training to a point where we are capable of physical achievements that would be beyond many.

Most of us would love to be capable of things that we watch happening on television week in and week out. Many of the most popular sports feature individuals who have trained to the point where they are capable of pushing another (pretty large) human being backwards at a high speed. Gridiron and rugby – two of the major sports in their countries of origin, would be impossible without the muscle bound guys who don’t always get the credit – but are invariably favorites with the fans.


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